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  • Trendy design storage box
  • Re-organize skin care, cosmetic make up products, lipstick, makeup brush & jewelry into a single storage box
  • Make your dressing table neat, tidy & space saving
  • With drawer to keep more items
  • With makeup brush holder
  • Removable top casing
  • ABS plastic material, high quality & sturdy body
  • Compact design with big LED touch panel
  • 360 degree air inlet & air outlet for cleaner air circulation
  • Dust sensor with Smart Air Quality Detection, automatically changing air volume, to improve indoor air quality
  • Air Quality Indication light: Green (Good Air Quality), Yellow (Moderate Air Quality), Red (Bad Air Quality)
  • Generate & release negative ions to sterilize air & remove bad odors effectively
  • Internal built-in UV light sterilization to kill airborne bacteria & viruses
  • Double layer HEPA filter with activated carbon filter to remove PM2.5 particles, formaldehyde, pollutants, airborne bacteria, harmful gases