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  • Two chamber 7-Layers system with Platinum PEM (Proton Exchanging Membrane ) and Platinum Titanium electrode
  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology from DuPont® (USA)
  • State of the art Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) technology
  • Hydrogen concentration: 3,000ppb
  • Works with all types of drinking water including Distilled/RO/purifier water
  • Separates and expels harmful by-products of Chlorine, Ozone and Oxides, release through exhaust vent hole at bottom of H2 maker unit
  • 240ml volume bottle. Compact design & easy to carry in the bag
  • High quality food grade BPA free PC material bottle
  • Hydrogen water maker can be mounted with drinking water PET bottle
  • Colourful indicator during making hydrogen. Alarm reminder when finishing the electrolysis
  • Water proof USB Type C charging port
  • No filters or any expensive parts to replace          
  • Contemporary design floor cleaning tool
  • Hand push sweeping broom, no need to electricity, energy saving and environment protecting and it does not require electricity
  • Household Hand Push Sweeper, helps you quickly clean your home
  • Suitable for synthetic flooring, solid wood flooring, marble floors, floor coverings, floor tiles and any other flat surface
  • 3-in-1 integrated the broom, dustpan and floor mop pad, three functions in one sweeper
  • Slim design broom head and 180-degree rotation handle to reach the gap beneath sofa, chair, table and bed
  • 3 spinning brushes to reach difficult corners: center, left & right spinning brush
  • Micro fabric mop pad can be removed and washable
  • Large capacity dustpan space
  • High strength stainless steels telescopic tube handle, can be freely adjusted to the length you needed
  • Ergonomic handle design with soft texture slightly resin material, comfortable to use


  • Replacement ceramic filter for JN-21 & JN-20 Water Tap Filter
  • Activated carbon made of coconut shell
  • Outer surface of ceramic filter is washable
  • 4 stages water filtration
  • Suitable to use in kitchen and bathroom
  • Casing material: ABS
  • Activated carbon made of coconut shell
  • Outer surface of ceramic filter is washable
  • Compact design, easy to install on water tap / faucet
  • Switchable lever to change non filtered and filtered water
  • 5 stages water filtration system
  • Transparent casing, easy to see the dirty condition of the ceramic filter
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Tissue paper roll holder for bathroom & kitchen
  • Multi purpose wall shelf rack for kitchen utensils, bottle, stationeries & small household items
  • DIY product, easy to install
  • Use double sided tape for fixing, no drilling & nail hammering
  • ABS material, hard & sturdy
  • Creative design dirty water & clean water separation mop bucket
  • Save water, time & energy without changing water frequently
  • No reuse of dirty water, prevent dirty water pollution on the floor
  • With hair scrubber to remove hairs & dirt on the mop cloth
  • 360° full swivel mop head for turning corners & narrow space
  • Perfect for cleaning spills, dust, dirt and pet dander from a variety of surfaces
  • Featuring thousands of tiny synthetic fibre particles, microfiber offers more detailed, dependable cleaning compared to other materials
  • Strong water absorption micro fabric mop cloth
  • Hidden mini drawer under the desk & kitchen cabinet
  • Storage organizer for stationeries, kitchen utensils & small household items
  • Anti-drop drawer design
  • Suitable for table desk, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe & book shelf
  • DIY product, easy to install
  • Use double sided tape for fixing, no drilling & nail hammering
  • Good quality material
  • Self-adhesive wall screw sticker
  • Hold single load up to 10kg
  • Comes with nut & nut cap
  • Fix the wall strew without drilling & hammering nail
  • Various screw length: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm
  • Easy to install cloth hook, wall shelf rack, photo frame, etc.
  • Trendy design storage box
  • Re-organize skin care, cosmetic make up products, lipstick, makeup brush & jewelry into a single storage box
  • Make your dressing table neat, tidy & space saving
  • With drawer to keep more items
  • With makeup brush holder
  • Removable top casing
  • ABS plastic material, high quality & sturdy body
  • Re-organize kitchen utensils, spices & seasonings, sauces bottles, chopping board & pan cover into a single storage box
  • Make your kitchen cabinet top neat, tidy & space saving
  • Covered spices & seasonings compartment, one touch to open
  • 6 compartments for spice & seasonings storage
  • With handphone holder
  • Water dropping container beneath the storage box
  • PP+PS plastic material, high quality & sturdy body
  • 3-Tier Foods display container, total 9 compartments
  • With drainer holes on each compartment to release water from foods
  • 360 degree rotatable container
  • Suitable to put seafoods, fishballs/meatballs, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.
  • Good quality plastic material
  • Minimalistic concept design, just simple & nice
  • Multi-purposes wall shelf storage for bathroom & kitchen
  • To keep small household items, cosmetic, skin care & toiletries products
  • Suitable to affix on smooth surface likes glass, tiles, stainless steels, acrylic, plastic & aluminum surface
  • Space saving, arrange toiletries & skin care products neatly
  • No drilling & nail hammering
  • Use self adhesive hooks to affix the wall shelf rack
  • DIY product, easy to install
  • High quality plastic material, solid & durable
  • IKEA concept storage drawer in the kitchen cabinet
  • Push & pull the drawer with wall attached slide rail
  • Smart way to organize & store the bottles, can foods, kitchen utensils, toiletries, etc.
  • Suitable for kitchen cabinet, wardrobe & book shelf
  • DIY product, easy to install
  • No drilling & nail hammering
  • Use self-adhesive slide rail to install the drawer
  • PP material, solid & durable
  • Filled with water and stand on flat ground that will not fall down
  • Lightweight and portable, collapsible design, easy to store and space saving
  • Suitable to be used with various design of flat mops
  • It can be folded and wrapped when not in use, and will not collapse after pouring the water.
  • Multiple applications, suitable for for car washing, camping, picnic, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • With handle for easy carrying as a basket; sturdy, plastic rim and base for stability.
  • Use 3rd generation negative ions technology
  • Generating 1.5 x 107/cm3 density of negative ions
  • Neutralized unpleasant odor & remove toxic gasses
  • freshen the air, driving more comfortable & energetic
  • Sterilizing polluted air and airborne bacteria
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is 15m2/h
  • Able to remove PM2.5 particles with 99.6% efficiency
  • Environment friendly, no replacement of filter
  • Adjustable ion output by turning the switch on the top
  • Low noise fan operation
  • USB power cord connection
  • Palm size, cute & portable wherever you go